Sylvain Payraudeau

Onglets principaux

Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope fractionation during abiotic hydrolysis of pesticidesJeremy Masbou ; Guillaume Drouin ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Gwenael Imfeld
Copper in soil fractions and runoff in a vineyard catchment: Insights from copper stable isotopesIzabella Babcsanyi ; François Chabaux ; Fatima Meite ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Joëlle Duplay ; Gwenael Imfeld
Correction to Degradation and Transport of the Chiral Herbicide S -Metolachlor at the Catchment Scale: Combining Observation Scales and Analytical Approaches Marie Lefrancq ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Benoit Guyot ; Maurice Millet ; Gwenael Imfeld
Do rainfall characteristics affect the export of copper, zinc and synthetic pesticides in surface runoff from headwater catchments?Gwenael Imfeld ; Fatima Meite ; Benoit Guyot ; Jeremy Masbou ; Sylvain Payraudeau
Fluorescent tracers to evaluate pesticide dissipation and transformation in agricultural soilsSylvain Payraudeau ; Gwenael Imfeld
Fungicides: An Overlooked Pesticide Class?Gwenael Imfeld ; Sylvain Payraudeau
Impact of rainfall patterns and frequency on the export of pesticides and heavy-metals from agricultural soilsFatima Meite ; Pablo Alvarez ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Gwenael Imfeld
Long-term temporal trajectories to enhance restoration efficiency and sustainability on large rivers: an interdisciplinary studyDavid Eschbach ; Laurent Schmitt ; Gwenael Imfeld ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Grzegorz Skupinski
Mitigation of agricultural nonpoint-source pesticide pollution in artificial wetland ecosystemsCaroline Gregoire ; Thierry Lebeau ; Robert Mose ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Adrien Wanko
Pesticide degradation and export losses at the catchment scale: Insights from compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA)Sylvain Payraudeau ; Jeremy Masbou ; Gwenael Imfeld
Pesticide fate on catchment scale: conceptual modelling of stream CSIA dataGwenael Imfeld ; Marie Lefrancq ; Sylvain Payraudeau
Phase Transfer and Biodegradation of Pesticides in Water–Sediment Systems Explored by Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis and Conceptual ModelingBoris Droz ; Guillaume Drouin ; Loïc Maurer ; Claire Villette ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Gwenael Imfeld
RECOTOX, a French initiative in ecotoxicology-toxicology to monitor, understand and mitigate the ecotoxicological impacts of pollutants in socioagroecosystemsGwenael Imfeld ; Sylvain Payraudeau
Removal of pesticide mixtures in a stormwater wetland collecting runoff from a vineyard catchmentElodie Maillard ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Caroline Gregoire ; Sophie Gangloff ; Gwenael Imfeld
Évaluation de la restauration hydromorphologique fonctionnelle d’une anastomose rhénane : trajectoire temporelle, monitoring pré-restauration, modélisation (Rhin Supérieur, Bas-Rhin, Réserve naturelle de l’île du Rohrschollen)David Eschbach ; Laurent Schmitt ; Michele Tremolieres ; Jean-nicolas Beisel ; Corinne Grac ; Pascal Finaud-Guyot ; Sylvain Payraudeau ; Gwenael Imfeld ; Sylvain Weill ; Pierre Grussenmeyer
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