Justine Wolf

Onglets principaux

20+ Years and no End in Sight: Histidine-Rich Designer Peptides with pH-Dependent Membrane Topology and with Multifacet Biomedical PotentialChristopher Aisenbrey ; Philippe Bertani ; Antoine Kichler ; Ludovicus Vermeer ; Dennis Juhl ; Justine Wolf ; Burkhard Bechinger
536. The Viral Transduction Enhancer Vectofusin-1 Is a Nanofibrillar Peptide Capable of Increasing the Contact between Viral Vectors and Target CellsLudovicus Vermeer ; Justine Wolf ; Burkhard Bechinger
Cell-Penetrating Peptides with Antimicrobial, Transfection and Transduction ActivitiesJustine Wolf ; Ludovicus Vermeer ; Morane Lointier ; Philippe Bertani ; Dennis Juhl ; Antoine Kichler ; Burkhard Bechinger
pH-Dependent Membrane Interactions of the Histidine-Rich Cell-Penetrating Peptide LAH4-L1Justine Wolf ; Christopher Aisenbrey ; Nicole Harmouche ; Philippe Bertani ; Nataliia Voievoda ; Burkhard Bechinger
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