Sara Bonacchi

Onglets principaux

Optical Input/Electrical Output Memory Elements based on a Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene PolymerThomas Mosciatti ; Sara Bonacchi ; Marco Gobbi ; Laura Ferlauto ; Emanuele Orgiu ; Paolo Samori
Influence of the supramolecular order on the electrical properties of 1D coordination polymers based materialsChiara Musumeci ; Laura Ferlauto ; Sara Bonacchi ; Artur Ciesielski ; Mir Wais Hosseini ; Paolo Samori
High, Anisotropic, and Substrate-Independent Mobility in Polymer Field-Effect Transistors Based on Preassembled Semiconducting NanofibrilsSara Bonacchi ; Marco Gobbi ; Emanuele Orgiu ; Paolo Samori
Hybrid Copper-Nanowire–Reduced-Graphene-Oxide Coatings: A “Green Solution” Toward Highly Transparent, Highly Conductive, and Flexible Electrodes for (Opto)ElectronicsAlessandro Aliprandi ; Cosimo Anichini ; Marc-antoine Stoeckel ; Matilde Eredia ; Sara Bonacchi ; Paolo Samori
Collective molecular switching in hybrid superlattices for light-modulated two-dimensional electronicsMarco Gobbi ; Sara Bonacchi ; Emanuele Orgiu ; Paolo Samori
Engineering Chemically Active Defects in Monolayer MoS2 Transistors via Ion-Beam Irradiation and Their Healing via Vapor Deposition of; Sara Bonacchi ; Paolo Samori
Reversible, Fast, and Wide-Range Oxygen Sensor Based on Nanostructured Organometal Halide PerovskiteMarco Gobbi ; Sara Bonacchi ; Laura Ferlauto ; Emanuele Orgiu ; Paolo Samori
Tuning the energetics and tailoring the optical properties of silver clusters confined in zeolitesOlivier James Fenwick ; Sara Bonacchi ; Paolo Samori
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