Anis Younes

Onglets principaux

A 3‐D Semianalytical Solution for Density‐Driven Flow in Porous MediaMarwan Fahs ; Philippe Ackerer ; Anis Younes
A Generalized Semi-Analytical Solution for the Dispersive Henry Problem: Effect of Stratification and Anisotropy on Seawater IntrusionMarwan Fahs ; Behshad Koohbor ; Benjamin Belfort ; Anis Younes ; Philippe Ackerer
An advanced discrete fracture model for variably saturated flow in fractured porous mediaBehshad Koohbor ; Marwan Fahs ; Anis Younes ; Benjamin Belfort
Bayesian Simultaneous Estimation of Unsaturated Flow and Solute Transport Parameters from a Laboratory Infiltration ExperimentAnis Younes ; Jabran Zaouali ; Francois Lehmann ; Marwan Fahs
Benchmarking numerical codes for tracer transport with the aid of laboratory-scale experiments in 2D heterogeneous porous mediaFadji Zaouna Hassane Mamadou Maina ; Philippe Ackerer ; Anis Younes
Uncertainty analysis for seawater intrusion in fractured coastal aquifers: Effects of fracture location, aperture, density and hydrodynamic parametersBehshad Koohbor ; Marwan Fahs ; Benjamin Belfort ; Anis Younes
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