Laboratoire de Chimie Organique et Bioorganique - COB - EA4566

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Abnormal Enhancement of the Photoisomerization Process in a trans-Nitroalkoxystilbene Dimer Sequestered in beta-Cyclodextrin Cavities
Enhancement of the Two-Photon Initiating Efficiency of a Thioxanthone Derivative through a Chevron-Shaped Architecture
Excited-State Dynamics of a D-pi-A Type Sulfonium-Based Alkoxystilbene Photoacid Generator
Excited-state dynamics of phenol-pyridinium biaryl
Negative solvatochromism of a series of pyridinium phenolate betaine dyes with increasing steric hindrance
Rotamerism-driven large magnitude host-guest binding change in a crown ether derivatized pyridinium-phenolate series

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