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An Adaptive Control Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Systems - A Comparative Study
Drive Controls with Synchronous Motors
Harmonics Identification with Artificial Neural Networks: Application to Active Power Filtering
A new approach for modeling the Photovoltaic Cell using Orcad comparing with the Model done in Matlab
A New Approach of an Hybrid Power System PV/Wind Based on a Fuzzy Logic and MPPT Controller
Optimal Supplies and Synchronous Motors Torque Controls. Design in the d-q Reference Frame
Optimal Supply and Synchronous Motors Torque Control: Designs in the a-b-c Reference Frame
Performance Optimization of a Photovoltaic Generator with an Active Power Filter Application
Photovoltaic Energy Generation and Control for an Autonomous Shunt Active power Filter
A Self-Learning Solution for Torque Ripple Reduction for Non-Sinusoidal Permanent Magnet Motor Drives Based on Artificial Neural Networks
Sliding Mode Controller for Three-Phase Hybrid Active Power Filter with Photovoltaic Application
Smart Energy management of Li-ion battery / Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicle Application
Synchronous Machines in Degraded Mode
Synchronous motor controls, Problems and Modeling
A Three-Phase Hybrid Active Power Filter with Photovoltaic Generation and Hysteresis Current Control
Three Techniques Based On Artificial Neural Networks for the Identification of Power System Harmonics A comparative Study
Torque ripple minimization in non-sinusoidal synchronous reluctance motors based on artificial neural networks
A unified artificial neural network architecture for active power filters

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