ISIS : Laboratoire des nanostructures

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Beaming Visible Light with a Plasmonic Aperture Antenna
Membrane Remodeling Processes Induced by Phospholipase Action
Modifying Chemical Landscapes by Coupling to Vacuum Fields
Non-Markovian polariton dynamics in organic strong coupling
Phase transition of a perovskite strongly coupled to the vacuum field
Plasmonic crystal enhanced refractive index sensing
Polariton Dynamics under Strong Light-Molecule Coupling
Quantum Yield of Polariton Emission from Hybrid Light-Matter States
Reversible Switching of Ultrastrong Light-Molecule Coupling
Strong Light-Molecule Coupling on Plasmonic Arrays of Different Symmetry
A surface-bound molecule that undergoes optically biased Brownian rotation
Tuning the Work-Function Via Strong Coupling