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Decrypting Magnetic Fabrics (AMS, AARM, AIRM) Through the Analysis of Mineral Shape Fabrics and Distribution Anisotropy
The depositional signature of cyclic steps: A late Quaternary analogue compared to modern active delta slopes
Heat emitting damage in skin: a thermal pathway for mechanical algesia
A Hybrid Breaching-Filling method for sink removal adapted to parallel hydrological simulations
Joint Seismic and Gravity Data Inversion to Image Intra-Crustal Structures: The Ivrea Geophysical Body Along the Val Sesia Profile (Piedmont, Italy)
Perturbation of the Earth’s rotation by monochromatic gravitational waves from astrophysical sources
Thermal dissipation as both the strength and weakness of matter. A material failure prediction by monitoring creep.
Thermally activated intermittent dynamics of creeping crack fronts along disordered interfaces
Thermo-mechanical pain: the signaling role of heat dissipation in biological tissues

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