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"Bons baisers de..." : tourisme et touristes dans la saga James Bond
Coastal image interpretation using background knowledge and semantics
The environmental correlates of overall and neighborhood based recreational walking (a cross-sectional analysis of the RECORD Study)
A Generic Model to Exploit Urban Regulation Knowledge
Knowledge-based Region Labeling for Remote Sensing Image Interpretation, Computers
Nitrogen Changes between Rural and Peri-Urban Stream Subsurface Waters (Yzeron Stream, France)
Optimizing Spatial Resolution of Imagery for Urban Form Detection—The Cases of France and Vietnam
Species Distribution 2.0: An Accurate Time- and Cost-Effective Method of Prospection Using Street View Imagery
Système d’Information pour l’Analyse du Métabolisme Territorial (SINAMET)
Wild pollinator activity negatively related to honey bee colony densities in urban context

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