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Active learning in the spatial domain for landslide mapping with VHR optical images
Comparison of visual observation and excavation to quantify density of the endangered bivalve Unio crassus in rivers of north-eastern France.
The environmental correlates of overall and neighborhood based recreational walking (a cross-sectional analysis of the RECORD Study)
Impact of the cestode Triaenophorus nodulosus on the exotic Lepomis gibbosus and the autochthonous Perca fluviatilis
Les élections municipales et européennes du printemps 2104 en Alsace
Modelling of air pollution in the area of Algiers City, Algeria
Recent land subsidence caused by the rapid urban development in the Hanoi urban region (Vietnam) using ALOS InSAR data
Top-down hierarchical extraction of landslides from multiresolution optical satellite images
Un OPERA pour sauver l’atmosphère

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