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Embolization of Arterial Gastric Supply in Obesity (EMBARGO): an Endovascular Approach in the Management of Morbid Obesity. Proof of the Concept in the Porcine Model
Endoluminal full-thickness suture repair of gastrotomy: a survival study
Establishment of a large panel of patient-derived tumor xenograft models of prostate, bladder and kidney cancers
Implication du facteur de transcription néphrogénique Lim-1, un nouvel oncogène, dans le cancer du rein humain avancé
Intraoperative fluorescence-based enhanced reality laparoscopic real-time imaging to assess bowel perfusion at the anastomotic site in an experimental model
MAGNAMOSIS IV: magnetic compression anastomosis for minimally invasive colorectal surgery
A modular magnetic anastomotic device for minimally invasive digestive anastomosis: proof of concept and preliminary data in the pig model
Oncogenic versus tumour suppressor potential of the new N-hydrolase DNPH1 in prostate and kidney cancers
An Original Endoluminal Magnetic Anastomotic Device Allowing Pure NOTES Transgastric and Transrectal Sigmoidectomy in a Porcine Model: Proof of Concept
Péliose splénique isolée : à propos d’un cas
Probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy and fluorescence-based enhanced reality for real-time assessment of intestinal microcirculation in a porcine model of sigmoid ischemia
Prospective experimental study of transrectal viscerotomy closure using transanal endoscopic suture vs. circular stapler: a step toward NOTES
Real-time navigation by fluorescence-based enhanced reality for precise estimation of future anastomotic site in digestive surgery
Rôle oncogénique vs. suppresseur de DNPH1, une nouvelle N-hydrolase cible de c-Myc, dans les cancers de la prostate et du rein
Synovialosarcome rénal primitif. [Primary renal synovial sarcoma].
Tumeurs rares du rein. Cas n°1. Carcinome renal des tubes collecteurs de Bellini.
Tumeurs rares du rein. Cas n°2. Carcinome renal (tubulo)papillaire a cellules claires.