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Embolization of Arterial Gastric Supply in Obesity (EMBARGO): an Endovascular Approach in the Management of Morbid Obesity. Proof of the Concept in the Porcine Model
Endoluminal full-thickness suture repair of gastrotomy: a survival study
Intraoperative fluorescence-based enhanced reality laparoscopic real-time imaging to assess bowel perfusion at the anastomotic site in an experimental model
MAGNAMOSIS IV: magnetic compression anastomosis for minimally invasive colorectal surgery
A modular magnetic anastomotic device for minimally invasive digestive anastomosis: proof of concept and preliminary data in the pig model
New insights into the role of FAK during renal tumorigenesis
An Original Endoluminal Magnetic Anastomotic Device Allowing Pure NOTES Transgastric and Transrectal Sigmoidectomy in a Porcine Model: Proof of Concept
Péliose splénique isolée : à propos d’un cas
Probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy and fluorescence-based enhanced reality for real-time assessment of intestinal microcirculation in a porcine model of sigmoid ischemia
Prospective experimental study of transrectal viscerotomy closure using transanal endoscopic suture vs. circular stapler: a step toward NOTES
Real-time navigation by fluorescence-based enhanced reality for precise estimation of future anastomotic site in digestive surgery
Synovialosarcome rénal primitif. [Primary renal synovial sarcoma].
Targeting FAK has anti-tumor effect in human renal cell carcinoma
Tumeurs rares du rein. Cas n°1. Carcinome renal des tubes collecteurs de Bellini.
Tumeurs rares du rein. Cas n°2. Carcinome renal (tubulo)papillaire a cellules claires.