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A simple method for the reinforcement of UV-cured coating via sol-gel photopolymerization
An orthogonal, one-pot, simultaneous UV-mediated route to thiol-ene/sol-gel film
Creep and recovery analysis of polymeric materials during indentation tests
Creep of the contact with a spherical tip and recovery of the imprint on amorphous polymer surfaces
Establishing contact between cell-laden hydrogels and metallic implants with a biomimetic adhesive for cell therapy supported implants
Mechanisms of blistering and chipping of a scratch-resistant coating
Model Experimental Study of Scale Invariant Wetting Behaviors in Cassie-Baxter and Wenzel Regimes
Motorizing fibres with geometric zero-energy modes
Numerical analysis of the creep of the contact and recovery of the imprint on amorphous polymer surfaces
Robust Alginate-Catechol@Polydopamine Free-Standing Membranes Obtained from the Water/Air Interface
Scale invariance of the contact mechanics of micropatterned elastic substrates
Straightforward and precise approach to replicate complex hierarchical structures from plant surfaces onto soft matter polymer

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