Institut des Neurosciences Cellulaires et Intégratives - INCI - UPR3212

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The antero-posterior heterogeneity of the ventral tegmental area.
Antidepressants and gabapentinoids in neuropathic pain: Mechanistic insights.
Circadian insights into dopamine mechanisms.
Endogenous morphine and its metabolites in mammals: history, synthesis, localization and perspectives.
Expression of mu opioid receptor in dorsal diencephalic conduction system: New insights for the medial habenula
Impact of chronic morphine on delta opioid receptor-expressing neurons in the mouse hippocampus.
Insights into the mechanisms and the emergence of sex-differences in pain.
Neuronal networks and nociceptive processing in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.
Tests and models of nociception and pain in rodents.
The ventral tegmentum and dopamine: A new wave of diversity.