IBMC - Immunopathologie et chimie thérapeutique

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Autophagy in neuroinflammatory diseases.
Biodistribution of x-ray iodinated contrast agent in nano-emulsions is controlled by the chemical nature of the oily core
Carabin deficiency in B cells increases BCR-TLR9 costimulation-induced autoimmunity
Carbon nanomaterials as new tools for immunotherapeutic applications
Chemical reactivity of graphene oxide towards amines elucidated by solid-state NMR
Compounds binding to the bacterial beta ring
Compounds binding to the bacterial beta ring
Cysteine-rich domain one of CD40 mediates receptor self-assembly
Dermatomyositis flare on imiquimod therapy highlights a crucial role of aberrant TLR7 signalling.
Design of Covalently Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Filled with Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Imaging, Therapy, and Magnetic Manipulation
Immunomodulatory properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from healthy subjects and allergic patients
Manipulating autophagic processes in autoimmune diseases: a special focus on modulating chaperone-mediated autophagy, an emerging therapeutic target.
Mannoside Glycolipid Conjugates Display Anti-inflammatory Activity by Inhibition of Toll-like Receptor-4 Mediated Cell Activation
Reduced DICER1 expression bestows rheumatoid arthritis synoviocytes proinflammatory properties and resistance to apoptotic stimuli.
Self-assembly of diphenylalanine backbone homologues and their combination with functionalized carbon nanotubes
Structure-based design of short peptide ligands binding onto the E. coli processivity ring