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Identification of alkyl guaiacyl dehydroabietates as novel markers of wood tar from Pinaceae in archaeological samples
Abiotic oxidation of petroleum bitumens under natural conditions
Terpenoid-Derived Sulfides as Ultimate Organic Sulfur Compounds in Extensively Desulfurized Fuels
The canopic jars of Rameses II: real use revealed by molecular study of organic residues
Molecular, isotopic and radiocarbon evidence for broomcorn millet cropping in Northeast France since the Bronze Age
A heptacyclic polyprenoid hydrocarbon in sediments: a clue to unprecedented biological lipids
Identification and geochemical significance of demethylated highly cyclized regular polyprenoids in oils and source rocks
Synthesis and NMR characterisation of novel highly cyclised polyprenoid hydrocarbons from sediments

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