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Correlation between mechanical and microstructural properties of molybdenum nitride thin films deposited on silicon by reactive RF magnetron discharge
Mechanically Switchable Biocide Plasma-Polymer Coatings for Biomaterials
Effect of Plasma Duty Cycle on Silver Nanoparticles Loading of Cotton Fabrics for Durable Antibacterial Properties
Novel processes towards the self-assembly of cellulose nanowhiskers and polymers into microstructured nanocomposite thin films
Plasma deposition of polymer composite films incorporating nanocellulose whiskers (Topical Issue: 18th International Colloquium on Plasma Processes (CIP 2011) )
Stability of maleic anhydride plasma polymer film to water drop evaporation
Controlling the Morphogenesis of Needle-Like and Multibranched Structures in Maleic Anhydride Plasma Polymer Thin Films
Influence of plasma duty cycle during plasma polymerization in adhesive bonding
Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation: A novel approach to design mesoporous carbon films
Stabilité de revêtements nanoparticulaires
Influence of Covalent Bonds on the Adhesion Energy at Elastomer-Glass Interfaces
Abrogated Cell Contact Guidance on Amino-Functionalized Microgrooves

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