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Effect of Plasma Duty Cycle on Silver Nanoparticles Loading of Cotton Fabrics for Durable Antibacterial Properties
Correlation between mechanical and microstructural properties of molybdenum nitride thin films deposited on silicon by reactive RF magnetron discharge
Mechanically Switchable Biocide Plasma-Polymer Coatings for Biomaterials
Stability of maleic anhydride plasma polymer film to water drop evaporation
Novel processes towards the self-assembly of cellulose nanowhiskers and polymers into microstructured nanocomposite thin films
Plasma deposition of polymer composite films incorporating nanocellulose whiskers (Topical Issue: 18th International Colloquium on Plasma Processes (CIP 2011) )
Controlling the Morphogenesis of Needle-Like and Multibranched Structures in Maleic Anhydride Plasma Polymer Thin Films
Wrinkling pattern induced by cellulose nanoparticles in plasma polymerized thin films
Influence of plasma duty cycle during plasma polymerization in adhesive bonding
Stabilité de revêtements nanoparticulaires
Macroscopic control of DMAHEMA and HEMA plasma polymerization to tune the surface mechanical properties of hydrogel-like coatings
Influence of Covalent Bonds on the Adhesion Energy at Elastomer-Glass Interfaces
Poly(allylamine) plasma polymer coatings for an efficient retention of Ni(II) ions by ultrafiltration membranes
Laser‐Assisted Strain Engineering of Thin Elastomer Films to Form Variable Wavy Substrates for Cell Culture
Light-induced crystallization-driven formation of hierarchically ordered superhydrophobic sol-gel coatings
Abrogated Cell Contact Guidance on Amino-Functionalized Microgrooves
Bacterial Colonization of Low‐Wettable Surfaces is Driven by Culture Conditions and Topography

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