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Microglia Determine Brain Region-Specific Neurotoxic Responses to Chemically Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes.
Design of Cationic Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as Efficient siRNA Vectors for Lung Cancer Xenograft Eradication.
Functionalized carbon nanotubes in the brain: cellular internalization and neuroinflammatory responses.
Degree of chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes determines tissue distribution and excretion profile.
Translocation mechanisms of chemically functionalised carbon nanotubes across plasma membranes.
Evaluation of the immunological profile of antibody-functionalized metal-filled single-walled carbon nanocapsules for targeted radiotherapy.
Ammonium and guanidinium dendron-carbon nanotubes by amidation and click chemistry and their use for siRNA delivery.
The relationship between the diameter of chemically-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes and their organ biodistribution profiles in vivo.
Kinetics of functionalised carbon nanotube distribution in mouse brain after systemic injection: Spatial to ultra-structural analyses.
Design of antibody-functionalized carbon nanotubes filled with radioactivable metals towards a targeted anticancer therapy.

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