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Le syndrome des plaquettes grises.
Quantitative image analysis of angiogenesis in rats implanted with a fibrin gel chamber.
Search for dark matter annihilation in the earth using the ANTARES neutrino telescope
Daily Monitoring of TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from Mrk 421, Mrk 501, and the Crab Nebula with HAWC
Search for Very High-energy Gamma Rays from the Northern Fermi Bubble Region with HAWC
Search for high-energy neutrinos from bright GRBs with ANTARES
New constraints on all flavor Galactic diffuse neutrino emission with the ANTARES telescope
Observation of the Crab Nebula with the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory
Stacked search for time shifted high energy neutrinos from gamma ray bursts with the Antares neutrino telescope
An algorithm for the reconstruction of high-energy neutrino-induced particle showers and its application to the ANTARES neutrino telescope
ANTARES neutrino search for time and space correlations with IceCube high-energy neutrino events
Results from the search for dark matter in the Milky Way with 9 years of data of the ANTARES neutrino telescope
Time-dependent search for neutrino emission from X-ray binaries with the ANTARES telescope
The 2HWC HAWC Observatory Gamma-Ray Catalog
Acoustic and optical variations during rapid downward motion episodes in the deep north-western Mediterranean Sea
Dark Matter Limits from Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies with the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory
Search for high-energy neutrinos from gravitational wave event GW151226 and candidate LVT151012 with ANTARES and IceCube
Measurement of prompt and nonprompt charmonium suppression in $$\text {PbPb}$$PbPb collisions at 5.02$$\,\text {Te}\text {V}$$TeV

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