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Calcul optoélectronique et hologrammes calculés
Caractérisation et contrôle de modulateurs spatiaux de lumière
Optimized iterative method for phase retrieval using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Analysis of optoelectronic system for space variant processing
Optical aberration correction by adaptive optics and image restoration in 3D microscopy
Active contour segmentation by use of a multichannel incoherent optical correlator
Cross-talk compensation of a spatial light modulator for iterative phase retrieval applications
Non-interferometric method for phase retrieval using a Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
Alternative Model of a Subwavelength Diffractive Lens Proposed for PV Cells Applications
Design of single layer subwavelength diffractive optical element (G-Fresnel) for spectrum splitting and beam concentration
Smart multifunction diffractive lens experimental validation for future PV cell applications