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Caractérisation et contrôle de modulateurs spatiaux de lumière
Calcul optoélectronique et hologrammes calculés
Optimized iterative method for phase retrieval using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Analysis of optoelectronic system for space variant processing
Cross-talk compensation of a spatial light modulator for iterative phase retrieval applications
Active contour segmentation by use of a multichannel incoherent optical correlator
Non-interferometric method for phase retrieval using a Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
Optical aberration correction by adaptive optics and image restoration in 3D microscopy
Design of single layer subwavelength diffractive optical element (G-Fresnel) for spectrum splitting and beam concentration
Alternative Model of a Subwavelength Diffractive Lens Proposed for PV Cells Applications
Smart multifunction diffractive lens experimental validation for future PV cell applications

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