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Metabolic inflammation: connecting obesity and insulin resistance
Heart and lung teleauscultation in the Mars 500 isolation study
Cinical and immunological aspects of HLA class I deficiency
Method for the investigation of the Electromechanical Activity of the Heart using Time-Frequency tools
Anémie et insuffisance cardiaque. Etude de 317 patients
Design of advanced software for health professionals to acquire simultaneously the ECG and PCG signals
Teleausculation Results In The MARS-500 Experience
Acquisition et analyse synchronisées des signaux PCG et ECG sous Android
Agranulocytose médicamenteuse idiosyncratique du sujet âgé : étude d’une série de 61 patients
Bed bugs reproductive life cycle in the clothes of a patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease results in iron deficiency anemia

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