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Metabolic inflammation: connecting obesity and insulin resistance
Cinical and immunological aspects of HLA class I deficiency
Heart and lung teleauscultation in the Mars 500 isolation study
Phénotype des patients présentant une insuffisance cardiaque pris en charge en Médecine Interne: étude rétrospective de 317 patients
Teleausculation Results In The MARS-500 Experience
Method for the investigation of the Electromechanical Activity of the Heart using Time-Frequency tools
Anémie et insuffisance cardiaque. Etude de 317 patients
Acquisition et analyse synchronisées des signaux PCG et ECG sous Android
Design of advanced software for health professionals to acquire simultaneously the ECG and PCG signals
Reduced cytokine-mediated up-regulation of HLA-DR in TAP-deficient fibroblasts
Agranulocytose médicamenteuse idiosyncratique du sujet âgé : étude d’une série de 61 patients
Bed bugs reproductive life cycle in the clothes of a patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease results in iron deficiency anemia

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