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Nucleic acid nanomaterials: Silver-wired DNA
Singly and bifurcated hydrogen-bonded base-pairs in tRNA anticodon hairpins and ribozymes.
Nucleic acid nanomaterials
Effects of pseudouridylation on tRNA hydration and dynamics
Anions in Nucleic Acid Crystallography
Mg2+ ions
Sodium and Potassium Interactions with Nucleic Acids
Mg2+ ions: do they bind to nucleobase nitrogens?
Appendix 5: Location and distribution of modified nucleotides in tRNA
'Z-DNA like' fragments in RNA: a recurring structural motif with implications for folding, RNA/protein recognition and immune response.
'Z-DNA like' fragments in RNA
Revisiting GNRA and UNCG folds: U-turns versus Z-turns in RNA hairpin loops

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