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Single-cell genomics and spatial transcriptomics: discovery of novel cell states and cellular interactions in liver physiology and disease biology
Is minimally invasive true anatomical HCC resection a future way to improve results in bridge or salvage liver transplantation?
Genetic variation in IL-10 influences the progression of hepatitis B infection.
Interferon-inducible MX2 is a host restriction factor of hepatitis B virus replication.
Liver Fibrosis: Mechanistic Concepts and Therapeutic Perspectives.
Targeting the Host for New Therapeutic Perspectives in Hepatitis D
Hepatitis C Virus and Hepatocellular Carcinoma: When the Host Loses Its Grip.
Tight Junction Proteins and the Biology of Hepatobiliary Disease.
Follicular T helper cells shape the HCV-specific CD4+ T cell repertoire after virus elimination.
Characterisation of endogenous Claudin-1 expression, motility and susceptibility to hepatitis C virus in CRISPR knock-in cells.
A genome-wide gain-of-function screen identifies CDKN2C as a HBV host factor

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