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Image analysis method for the measurement of water saturation in a two-dimensional experimental flow tank
Comparison of Equivalent Conductivities for Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Unsaturated Flow
On equivalent hydraulic conductivity for oscillation–free solutions of Richard’s equation
An Efficient Lumped Mixed Hybrid Finite Element Formulation for Variably Saturated Groundwater Flow
Implementation of Richardson extrapolation in an efficient adaptive time stepping method: applications to reactive transport and unsaturated flow in porous media
Laboratory Experiments of Drainage, Imbibition and Infiltration under Artificial Rainfall Characterized by Image Analysis Method and Numerical Simulations
An advanced discrete fracture model for variably saturated flow in fractured porous media
Uncertainty analysis for seawater intrusion in fractured coastal aquifers: Effects of fracture location, aperture, density and hydrodynamic parameters
Vadose Zone Modeling in a Small Forested Catchment: Impact of Water Pressure Head Sampling Frequency on 1D-Model Calibration
A Generalized Semi-Analytical Solution for the Dispersive Henry Problem: Effect of Stratification and Anisotropy on Seawater Intrusion

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