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Shape sensitivity analysis for an interface problem via minimax differentiability
Spectral Element Discretization of the Stokes Equations in Deformed Axisymmetric Geometries
Application of the j-subgradient in a problem of electropermeabilisation
An Adaptive Approach for the Segmentation and the TV-Filtering in the Optic Flow Estimation
Uniqueness and stable determination in the inverse Robin transmission problem with one electrostatic measurement
Control of the Effects of Regularization on Variational Optic Flow Computations
Weighted harmonic and Ginzburg-Landau equations in image inpainting
Coupling parareal and adaptive control in optic flow estimation with application to movies restauration
Quadratic Finite Elements with Non-Matching Grids for the Unilateral Boundary Contact
The Direct Robin Boundary Value Parabolic System of Time-Resolved Diffuse Optical Tomography with Fluorescence
A fully parallel in time and space algorithm for simulating the electrical activity of a neural tissue

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