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Proteomics as a Tool for the Characterization of Microbial Isolates and Complex Communities
Proteomic tools to decipher microbial community structure and functioning
Carbon and arsenic metabolism in Thiomonas strains
Genome Sequence of the Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium Desulfotomaculum hydrothermale Lam5(T)
Genome Sequence of Halomonas sp. Strain A3H3, Isolated from Arsenic-Rich Marine Sediments
Multiple controls affect arsenite oxidase gene expression in Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans
Identification of genes and proteins involved in the pleiotropic response to arsenic stress in Caenibacter arsenoxydans, a metalloresistant beta-proteobacterium with an unsequenced genome
Rapid impact of phenanthrene and arsenic on bacterial community structure and activities in sand batches
Enhanced structural and functional genome elucidation of the arsenite-oxidizing strain Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans by proteomics data
Temporal transcriptomic response during arsenic stress in Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans
Erratum to : Multiple controls affect arsenite oxidase gene expression in Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans
Thiomonas sp. CB2 is able to degrade urea and promote toxic metal precipitation in acid mine drainage waters supplemented with urea
Characterisation of hydrocarbon degradation, biosurfactant production, and biofilm formation in Serratia sp. Tan611: a new strain isolated from industrially contaminated environment in Algeria
Taxonomic and functional prokaryote diversity in mildly arsenic-contaminated sediments
In situ proteo-metabolomics reveals metabolite secretion by the acid mine drainage bio-indicator, Euglena mutabilis
Adaptation in Toxic Environments
Life in an arsenic-containing gold mine: Genome and physiology of the autotrophic arsenite-oxidizing bacterium Rhizobium sp. NT-26
Characterization of the active bacterial community involved in natural attenuation processes in arsenic-rich creek sediments
A tale of two oxidation states

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