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Complex interaction of circadian and non-circadian effects of light on mood: shedding new light on an old story.
Experience of the use of Ketamine to manage opioid withdrawal in an addicted woman: a case report.
Measuring racing thoughts in healthy individuals: The Racing and Crowded Thoughts Questionnaire (RCTQ)
Substance-use disorder in high-functioning autism: clinical and neurocognitive insights from two case reports.
Racing and crowded thoughts in mood disorders: A data-oriented theoretical reappraisal
Novel method to measure temporal windows based on eye movements during viewing of the Necker cube
Un dispositif multi-groupe original en France. Articulation d'un grand groupe de partage d'expériences et de petits groupes thérapeutiques. Fonction thérapeutique et de formation
Thought and language disturbance in bipolar disorder quantified via process-oriented verbal fluency measures
Racing thoughts revisited

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