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Transmission of plant and vertebrate viruses by arthropods
Towards the identification of plant factors involved in virus long distance movement
Both Structural and Non-Structural Forms of the Readthrough Protein of Cucurbit aphid-borne yellows virus Are Essential for Efficient Systemic Infection of Plants
The minor capsid protein of Cucurbit aphid borne yellows virus: Formation, incorporation into virions and role in virus movement
Systemic Propagation of a Fluorescent Infectious Clone of a Polerovirus Following Inoculation by Agrobacteria and Aphids
Construction of a phloem cDNA library and screen for polerovirus partners involved in long distance movement
Transmission of Turnip yellows virus by Myzus persicae Is Reduced by Feeding Aphids on Double-Stranded RNA Targeting the Ephrin Receptor Protein
In Vitro Acquisition of Specific Small Interfering RNAs Inhibits the Expression of Some Target Genes in the Plant Ectoparasite Xiphinema index
Comparative Analysis of RNAi-Based Methods to Down-Regulate Expression of Two Genes Expressed at Different Levels in Myzus persicae
The Aphid-Transmitted Turnip yellows virus Differentially Affects Volatiles Emission and Subsequent Vector Behavior in Two Brassicaceae Plants
Recherche des partenaires phloémiens des polérovirus et étude de leur rôle dans le cycle viral
Séquestration d'un virus par une protéine de plante ciblant un domaine protéique essentiel au mouvement des polérovirus
Impact of Mutations in Arabidopsis thaliana Metabolic Pathways on Polerovirus Accumulation, Aphid Performance, and Feeding Behavior

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