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Two-photon uncaging, from neuroscience to materials
Two-photon sensitive photolabile protecting groups: From molecular engineering to nanostructuration
Synthesis and Characterization of Photoactivatable Doxycycline Analogues Bearing Two-Photon-Sensitive Photoremovable Groups Suitable for Light-Induced Gene Expression
 o -Nitrobenzyl photoremovable groups with fluorescence uncaging reporting properties
Photolytical reactions for light induced biological effectors release: on the road to the phototherapeutic window
New insight in boron chemistry: Application in two-photon absorption
Monitoring of uncaging processes by designing photolytical reactions
Tumour-targeting photosensitisers for one- and two-photon activated photodynamic therapy
π-extended porphyrin dimers as efficient near-infrared emitters and two-photon absorbers
Two-photon uncaging: The chemist point of view
Boron Containing Two-Photon Absorbing Chromophores. 2. Fine Tuning of the One- and Two-Photon Photophysical Properties of Pyrazabole Based Fluorescent Bioprobes
π-Extended diketopyrrolopyrrole–porphyrin arrays: one- and two-photon photophysical investigations and theoretical studies
Fluorescent Tobacco mosaic virus-derived bio-nanoparticles for intravital two-photon imaging
Water-Soluble, Donor-Acceptor Biphenyl Derivatives in the 2-(o-Nitrophenyl)propyl Series: Highly Efficient Two-Photon Uncaging of the Neurotransmitter gamma-Aminobutyric Acid at lambda=800 nm
Photolabile Glutamate Protecting Group with High One- and Two-Photon Uncaging Efficiencies
Two-Photon Sensitive Coumarinyl Photoremovable Protecting Groups with Rigid Electron-Rich Cycles Obtained by Domino Reactions Initiated by a 5- exo -Dig Cyclocarbopalladation
Four Gadolinium(III) Complexes Appended to a Porphyrin: A Water-Soluble Molecular Theranostic Agent with Remarkable Relaxivity Suited for MRI Tracking of the Photosensitizer
Live-Cell One- and Two-Photon Uncaging of a Far-Red Emitting Acridinone Fluorophore

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