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Fluorescent dyes and dye precursors
Neutralizing endogenous chemokines with small molecules. Principles and potential therapeutic applications
Prodrugs of a CXC Chemokine-12 (CXCL12) Neutraligand Prevent Inflammatory Reactions in an Asthma Model in Vivo
An antedrug of the CXCL12 neutraligand blocks experimental allergic asthma without systemic effect in mice
Pyrimidinone derivatives and uses thereof to neutralize the biological activity of chemokines
Fluorogenic squaraine dimers with polarity-sensitive folding as bright far-red probes for background-free bioimaging
Squaraine as a bright, stable and environment-sensitive far-red label for receptor-specific cellular imaging
Red fluorescent turn-on ligands for imaging and quantifying G protein-coupled receptors in living cells
Un neutraligand de la chimiokine CXCL12 inhibe la fibroprolifération dans un modèle de bronchiolite oblitérante après transplantation hétérotopique de trachée chez la souris
Identification of CCL17 neutraligands targeting atopic diseases
New fluorescein precursors for live bacteria detection
A step-economical multicomponent synthesis of 3D-shaped aza-diketopiperazines and their drug-like chemical space analysis
Deciphering of the mechanism of the anti-asthmatic action of the CXCL12 neutraligand, chalcone 4
A strategy to discover decoy chemokine ligands with an anti-inflammatory activity

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