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Note: Accounting for pressure effects on the calculated equilibrium structure of glassy GeSe2
First-principles study of amorphous Ga4Sb6Te3 phase-change alloys
The structure of liquid GeSe revisited: A first principles molecular dynamics study
Structural properties of glassy Ge2Se3 from first-principles molecular dynamics
Impact of dispersion forces on the atomic structure of a prototypical network-forming disordered system: The case of liquid GeSe2
Atomic-scale structure of the glassy Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change material: A quantitative assessment via first-principles molecular dynamics
Role of the van der Waals interactions and impact of the exchange-correlation functional in determining the structure of glassy GeTe4
First-principles molecular dynamics study of glassy GeS2: Atomic structure and bonding properties
Atomic Structure of Glassy GeTe4 as a Playground to Assess the Performances of Density Functional Schemes Accounting for Dispersion Forces
Structure of amorphous GeSe9 by neutron diffraction and first-principles molecular dynamics: Impact of trajectory sampling and size effects
Origin of structural analogies and differences between the atomic structures of GeSe4 and GeS4 glasses: A first principles study
Thermal conductivity of glassy GeTe4 by first-principles molecular dynamics
Density-driven defect-mediated network collapse of GeSe2 glass
Pressure-induced structural changes in the network-forming isostatic glass GeSe4: An investigation by neutron diffraction and first-principles molecular dynamics

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