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New roles for bacterial siderophores in metal transport and tolerance
Cr and Pb bioavailability from a polycontaminated soil using bioaugmentation with microbial producers of biosurfactants, organic acids and siderophores
The Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pyochelin-Iron Uptake Pathway and Its Metal Specificity
Bioaugmentation-assisted phytoextraction applied to metal contaminated soils: state of the art and future prospects
Impact of substrates and cell immobilization on siderophore activity by Pseudomonads in a Fe and/or Cr, Hg, Pb containing-medium
Performance of bioaugmentation-assisted phytoextraction applied to metal contaminated soils: A review
Enhanced phytoextraction of an agricultural Cr- and Pb-contaminated soil by bioaugmentation with siderophore-producing bacteria
New insights into the metal specificity of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa pyoverdine-iron uptake pathway
Siderophore production by using free and immobilized cells of two Pseudomonas cultivated in a medium enriched with Fe and/or toxic metals (Cr, Hg, Pb)

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