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Plant and Aphid Partners of Poleroviruses: Role in Virus Transmission by Aphids?
Des agents infiltrés qui parasitent le système
Viral and cellular factors involved in phloem transport of plant viruses
Insights in luteovirid structural biology guided by chemical cross-linking and high resolution mass spectrometry
Systemic Propagation of a Fluorescent Infectious Clone of a Polerovirus Following Inoculation by Agrobacteria and Aphids
Phloem-Triggered Virus-Induced Gene Silencing Using a Recombinant Polerovirus
Discovery of a Small Non-AUG-Initiated ORF in Poleroviruses and Luteoviruses That Is Required for Long-Distance Movement
The Aphid-Transmitted Turnip yellows virus Differentially Affects Volatiles Emission and Subsequent Vector Behavior in Two Brassicaceae Plants

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