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Photopolymerization in dispersed systems
The use of chemical actinometry for the evaluation of the light absorption efficiency in scattering photopolymerizable miniemulsions
Synthesis of polymer nanoparticles in microreactor via miniemulsion photopolymerization
Photopolymérisation de miniémulsion de monomères en microréacteur
Current Advances and Opinion in Emulsion Photopolymerization Processes
Photoinduced Radical polymerization in Miniemulsion
Synthesis of acrylic latex via microflow miniemulsion photopolymerization using fluorescent and LED UV lamps
Continuous-flow synthesis of polymer nanoparticles in a microreactor via miniemulsion photopolymerization
Photopolymerization of acrylate monomer miniemulsions: from fundamentals to implementation in photoreactors
Radical Photopolymerization in Miniemulsions. Fundamental Investigations and Technical Development
Absorption and Scattering in Concentrated Monomer Miniemulsions: Static and Dynamic Investigations

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