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Genetics, genomics, and evolutionary biology of NKG2D ligands.
Next-Generation Sequencing of the HLA locus: Methods and impacts on HLA typing, population genetics and disease association studies.
The TRANSPLANTEX initiative.
Natural Killer Group 2, Member D/NKG2D Ligands in Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation.
Genome-wide transcriptional responses of Fusarium graminearum to plant cell wall substrates.
Eosinophilic myositis as first manifestation in a patient with type 2 myotonic dystrophy CCTG expansion mutation and rheumatoid arthritis.
α-L-Arabinofuranosylated pyrrolidines as arabinanase inhibitors.
Homozygosity for the V377I mutation in mevalonate kinase causes distinct clinical phenotypes in two sibs with hyperimmunoglobulinaemia D and periodic fever syndrome (HIDS).
Protein-altering MYH3 variants are associated with a spectrum of phenotypes extending to spondylocarpotarsal synostosis syndrome.
Homozygous IL36RN mutation and NSD1 duplication in a patient with severe pustular psoriasis and symptoms unrelated to deficiency of interleukin-36 receptor antagonist.
A new mutation in the C-SH2 domain of PTPN11 causes Noonan syndrome with multiple giant cell lesions.
On the genetics of the Silk Route: association analysis of HLA, IL10, and IL23R-IL12RB2 regions with Behçet's disease in an Iranian population.
A de novo ADCY5 mutation causes early-onset autosomal dominant chorea and dystonia.
High diversity of MIC genes in non-human primates.
Polymorphisms in EGFR and IL28B are associated with spontaneous clearance in an HCV-infected Iranian population.

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