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Heart Valve Leaflets fro Semi-Elastic Composite Fabric
Braided stent for transcateter aortic valve
Atraumatic Braided Stent for Textile Valve Endoprothesis
Textile Valve prosthesis - first results in vivo
Nitinol stent for percutenous heart valve implantation : material shape setting
Polyester vascular grafts; textile structures and their elastic properties polyester vascular grafts, textile structure and their elastic properties
Textile Heart Valve : Novel Shaping Process and Material Performances.
Textile Heart Valve Prosthesis from Fabric Design Criteria to Early in Vivo Performances
Prothèses vasculaires et nanofibres
The study of vascular prostheses ageing by infrared
Textile Heart valve : First Implantation in Vivo
Etude et caractérisation des prothèses et dispositifs vasculaires souples
Long term bio-stability of PET vascular prosthesis
Fibre Heart Valve prothesis : Early in vitro fatigue results
Another Vision of the Comprehension of the Phenomena of Proximal Anchoring of Thoracic Stentgrafts
Les nouveaux stents pour le traitement de l'artère fémorale superficielle
Evolution des stents pour le traitement des lésions de l'artère fémorale superficielle
Structure et Fabrication des prothèses artérielles synthétiques
Relation between tensile tests and compliance in polyester textile vascular prostheses

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