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Metal Organic Framework Materials for Desulfurization by Adsorption
Energetic performances of the metal-organic framework ZIF-8 obtained using high pressure water intrusion-extrusion experiments
Water intrusion-extrusion experiments in ZIF-8: impacts of the shape and particle size on the energetic performances
Synthesis and adsorption properties of ZIF-76 isomorphs
Energetic Performances of "ZIF-71 Aqueous Solution" Systems: A Perfect Shock-Absorber with Water
Energetic Performances of ZIF-8 Derivatives: Impact of the Substitution (Me, Cl, or Br) on Imidazolate Linker
Comparison of the Behavior of Metal–Organic Frameworks and Zeolites for Hydrocarbon Separations
Adsorption and Separation of Xylene Isomers: CPO-27-Ni vs HKUST-1 vs NaY

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