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Annexin A2, an essential partner of the exocytotic process in chromaffin cells.
Differential Cd14 Staining and Induction of Hyperactivity by Lps in Rat Arteries
Actine et annexine A2 : Partenaires essentiels pour le contrôle de la sécrétion neuroendocrine [= Actin and annexin A2: essential partners for the control of neuroendocrine secretion].
Lipids in Regulated Exocytosis: What are They Doing?
Lipids implicated in the journey of a secretory granule: from biogenesis to fusion.
The trimeric Go protein controls cortical actin and exocytosis in chromaffin cells by a mechanism involving the small GTPase RhoA
COUP-TF interacting protein 2 represses the initial phase of HIV-1 gene transcription in human microglial cells.
Annexin A2-dependent actin bundling promotes secretory granule docking to the plasma membrane and exocytosis.
HIV-1 Tat protein inhibits neurosecretion by binding to phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate.
Phosphorylation cycling of Annexin A2 Tyr23 is critical for calcium-regulated exocytosis in neuroendocrine cells.
Intersectin-1L nucleotide exchange factor regulates secretory granule exocytosis by activating Cdc42
Comparative Characterization of Phosphatidic Acid Sensors and Their Localization during Frustrated Phagocytosis.
Exocytosis and Endocytosis in Neuroendocrine Cells: Inseparable Membranes!
Molecular connection between calcium-regulated exocytosis and compensatory endocytosis in neuroendocrine cells

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