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Syntheses of four new pyridinium phenolates with caged phenolate functionalities as chromophores for quadratic optics
A C-13 NMR Study of pyridinium phenoxide series with increasing sterical hindrance reveals the dramatic influence of torsion on their structure
Concerning restricted rotations in pyridinyl anisoles and pyridinyl phenols bearing saturated handles, and their solid state structures
Synthesis of FAU and EMT-type zeolites using structure-directing agents specifically designed by molecular modelling
Negative solvatochromism of a series of pyridinium phenolate betaine dyes with increasing steric hindrance
Rotamerism-driven large magnitude host-guest binding change in a crown ether derivatized pyridinium-phenolate series
The Use of Original Structure-Directing Agents for the Synthesis of EMC-1 Zeolite
Excited-State Dynamics of a D-pi-A Type Sulfonium-Based Alkoxystilbene Photoacid Generator
Synthesis of a New Diaazacrown Ether Compound Interconnected with an Azacrown Ether and Decorated with a Long Lipophilic Chain
One-pot structural conversion of magadiite into MFI zeolite nanosheets using mononitrogen surfactants as structure and shape-directing agents
Enhancement of the Two-Photon Initiating Efficiency of a Thioxanthone Derivative through a Chevron-Shaped Architecture
Abnormal Enhancement of the Photoisomerization Process in a trans-Nitroalkoxystilbene Dimer Sequestered in beta-Cyclodextrin Cavities
Excited-state dynamics of phenol-pyridinium biaryl

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