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The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) revisited in a French-speaking population. Proposition of a reduced version of the parent SDQ
Influence des variables distales sur la perception des risques : une revue de la littérature de 1978 à 2005
Individual differences in paranormal beliefs: The differential role of personality aspects
La perception par le public des risques associés à l’usage des cosmétiques
Individual differences in the judgment of risks.
Risk Perception and Personality Facets
Impaired mental simulation of specific past and future personal events in non-depressed multiple sclerosis patients
Risk target: an interactive context factor in risk perception
Sleep-related cognitions mediate the impact of neuroticism on insomnia
Development and validation of the School Social Judgment Scale for children: Their judgment of the self to foster achievement at school
The primacy of agency over competence in status perception
Identification et analyse des prises de décision dans la chaîne de soins en radiothérapie
Autobiographical memory in multiple sclerosis patients: Assessment and cognitive facilitation
Assessment of job stress factors in a context of organizational change

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