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Homoleptic Chiral Benzamidinate Complexes of Rare-Earth Elements: Synthesis, Structure, Luminescence, and Magnetism
1D and 2D Graphdiynes: Recent Advances on the Synthesis at Interfaces and Potential Nanotechnological Applications
Terminal Alkyne Coupling on a Corrugated Noble Metal Surface: From Controlled Precursor Alignment to Selective Reactions
Synthesis, characterization, monolayer assembly and 2D lanthanide coordination of a linear terphenyl-di(propiolonitrile) linker on Ag(111)
Synthesis of Extended Graphdiyne Wires by Vicinal Surface Templating
C-Au Covalently Bonded Molecular Junctions Using Nonprotected Alkynyl Anchoring Groups
One-Dimensionally Disordered Chiral Sorting by Racemic Tiling in a Surface-Confined Supramolecular Assembly of Achiral Tectons
A Porphyrin Complex as a Self-Conditioned Electrode Material for High-Performance Energy Storage

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