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In vivo and in vitro evidence of somatostatin receptors expression in a dedifferentiated retroperitoneal liposarcoma
Tumeur fibreuse solitaire : cas clinique d’une récidive tardive. [Solitary fibrous tumors: Case report of a late relapse].
Adipocyte is a non-trivial, dynamic partner of breast cancer cells
Successful lung retransplantation in a patient with acute fibrinous and organizing pneumonia: a case report
Sinusoidal obstruction syndrome compromises liver regeneration in patients undergoing two-stage hepatectomy with portal vein embolization
Impact of biomarkers expression before and after portal vein embolization on recurrence after two-stage hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases
Deficiency in trefoil factor 1 (TFF1) increases tumorigenicity of human breast cancer cells and mammary tumor development in TFF1-knockout mice
Immunohistochemical Expression of CDX2, beta-Catenin, and TP53 in Inflammatory Bowel Disease-associated Colorectal Cancer
What is a safe future liver remnant size in patients undergoing major hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases and treated by intensive preoperative chemotherapy?
Lung transplantation for advanced cystic lung disease due to nonamyloid kappa light chain deposits
Functional relationship between matrix metalloproteinase-11 and matrix metalloproteinase-14
In vivo evidence that TRAF4 is required for central nervous system myelin homeostasis

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