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Quantum Yield of Polariton Emission from Hybrid Light-Matter States
Multiple Rabi Splittings under Ultrastrong Vibrational Coupling
Vibro-Polaritonic IR Emission in the Strong Coupling Regime
Coherent Coupling of WS² Monolayers with Metallic Photonic Nanostructures at Room Temperature
Electronic Light–Matter Strong Coupling in Nanofluidic Fabry–Pérot Cavities
Room-Temperature Valley Polarization and Coherence in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide-Graphene van der Waals Heterostructures
Energy Transfer between Spatially Separated Entangled Molecules
Mueller Polarimetry of Chiral Supramolecular Assembly
Quantum Strong Coupling with Protein Vibrational Modes
Non-Radiative Energy Transfer Mediated by Hybrid Light-Matter States
Large optical nonlinearity enhancement under electronic strong coupling
Ultra-strong coupling of molecular materials: spectroscopy and dynamics
Tilting a ground-state reactivity landscape by vibrational strong coupling
Room Temperature Chiral Coupling of Valley Excitons with Spin-Momentum Locked Surface Plasmons
Correction to Vibro-Polaritonic IR Emission in the Strong Coupling Regime
Modification of Enzyme Activity by Vibrational Strong Coupling of Water
High-Efficiency Second-Harmonic Generation from Hybrid Light-Matter States
Ground-State Chemical Reactivity under Vibrational Coupling to the Vacuum Electromagnetic Field

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