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Diastereoselective Substrate-Controlled Transition Metal-Catalyzed C-H Activation: An Old Solution to a Modern Synthetic Challenge
The Effect of Sulfoxides on the Stereoselective Construction of Tetrahydrofurans: Total Synthesis of (+)-Goniothalesdiol
Asymmetric C(sp2)-H Activation
Stereoselective Synthesis of 2H-Chromans by Reductive Deoxygenation of Differently Substituted 2-Sulfinylmethylchroman-2-ols
Recent advances in the diastereoselective Reformatsky-type reaction
Stereoselective synthesis of the C15-C26 fragment of the antitumor agent (-)-Dictyostatin
Mild deprotection of PMB ethers using tert-butyl bromide
Isolation, structural determination, and synthetic approaches toward amphidinol 3
Iron-catalyzed cross-coupling between C-bromo mannopyranoside derivatives and a vinyl Grignard reagent: toward the synthesis of the C31-C52 fragment of amphidinol 3
1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoroisopropanol as remarkable medium for atroposelective sulfoxide directed Fujiwara-Moritani reaction with acrylates and styrenes
Diastereoselective synthesis of the C14-C29 fragment of amphidinol 3
Synthesis of axially chiral biaryls through sulfoxide-directed asymmetric mild C-H activation and dynamic kinetic resolution
Concise Total Synthesis of Permethylated Anigopreissin A, a New Benzofuryl Resveratrol Dimer
One-step stereoselective synthesis of trisubstituted monofluoroalkenes from 3,3,3-trifluoropropionates
Enantiopure Sulfoxides: Efficient Chiral Directing Group for Stereoselective C-H Bond Activation: Towards the Control of Axial Chirality
Stereoselective synthesis of o-bromo (or iodo)aryl P-chirogenic phosphines based on aryne chemistry
Diastereoselective synthesis of the C17-C30 fragment of amphidinol 3

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