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Impact of the Time of Diagnosis on the Perceived Competence of Adolescents With Dyslexia
Cross-language transfer of orthographic processing skills : a study of French children who learn English at school
The use and nature of grapheme coding during sub-lexical processing and lexical access
Learning about print : the development of orthographic processing and its relationship to word reading in first grade children in French immersion
Investigating pseudohomophone interference effects in young second-language learners
On the locus of grapheme cohesion effect during visual word recognition
Sensitivity to morpheme units in English as L2 word recognition
Disentangling cross-language orthographic neighborhood from markedness effects in L2 visual word recognition
Grapheme coding in L2: how do L2 learners process new graphemes?
The development of orthographic processing skills in children in early French immersion programs
Acquiring orthographic processing through word reading: Evidence from children learning to read French and English
Grapheme coding during sublexical processing in French third and fifth graders
Testing the self-teaching hypothesis in children learning to read French as a second language

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