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Molecular evidence of bitumen in the Mousterian lithic assemblage of Hummal (Central Syria)
The 9th-Century-AD Belitung Wreck, Indonesia: analysis of a resin lump
Archaeological resinous samples from Asian wrecks: Taxonomic characterization by GC–MS
Identification of alkyl guaiacyl dehydroabietates as novel markers of wood tar from Pinaceae in archaeological samples
Molecular and isotopic archaeology: Top grade tools to investigate organic archaeological materials
Taxonomic characterisation of fresh Dipterocarpaceae resins by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS): providing clues for identification of unknown archaeological resins
Contrasting diagenetic pathways of higher plant triterpenoids in buried wood as a function of tree species
The canopic jars of Rameses II: real use revealed by molecular study of organic residues
A comparative geochemical study of bituminous boat remains from H3, As-Sabiyah (Kuwait), and RJ-2, Ra's al-Jinz (Oman)
Synthesis and NMR characterisation of novel highly cyclised polyprenoid hydrocarbons from sediments
Identification of the earliest collagen- and plant-based coatings from Neolithic artefacts (Nahal Hemar cave, Israel)
Chemical forms of sulfur in geological and archeological asphaltenes from Middle East, France, and Spain determined by sulfur K- and L-edge X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy
A heptacyclic polyprenoid hydrocarbon in sediments: a clue to unprecedented biological lipids

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