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Photopolymérisation redox de résines époxydes
Novel Dual-Cure Initiating System for Cationic Polymerization of Epoxides
Initiator-Free Radical Photopolymerization In Miniemulsion
Photopolymérisation de miniémulsion de monomères en microréacteur
Continuous-flow synthesis of polymer nanoparticles in a microreactor via miniemulsion photopolymerization
The use of chemical actinometry for the evaluation of the light absorption efficiency in scattering photopolymerizable miniemulsions
Light-Mediated Thiol–Ene Polymerization in Miniemulsion: A Fast Route to Semicrystalline Polysulfide Nanoparticles
Synthesis of acrylic latex via microflow miniemulsion photopolymerization using fluorescent and LED UV lamps
Photopolymerizable Monomer Miniemulsions: Why Does Droplet Size Matter?
Acrylate nanolatex via self-initiated photopolymerization
Current Advances and Opinion in Emulsion Photopolymerization Processes
Photoinduced Radical polymerization in Miniemulsion
Semi-renewable latex via step-photopolymerization of dithiol and dienic terpenes
Thiol-Ene Linear Step-Growth Photopolymerization in Miniemulsion: Fast Rates, Redox-Responsive Particles, and Semicrystalline Films
Absorption and Scattering in Concentrated Monomer Miniemulsions: Static and Dynamic Investigations
Stripping the latex: the challenge of miniemulsion polymerization without initiator, costabilizer and surfactant

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