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Inhibitors of the interaction between a protein belonging to GPRASP protein family and a protein belonging to GPCR protein family and their use as drugs
Do iodinated nano-emulsions designed for preclinical vascular imaging alter the vascular reactivity in rat aorta?
A Selective Neutraligand for CXCL12/SDF-1α With Beneficial Regulatory Functions in MRL/Lpr Lupus Prone Mice
Phenylpyridine-2-ylguanidines and rigid mimetics as novel inhibitors of TNFα overproduction: Beneficial action in models of neuropathic pain and of acute lung inflammation
A bifunctional-biased mu-opioid agonist–neuropeptide FF receptor antagonist as analgesic with improved acute and chronic side effects
The role of 5-HT2B receptors in mitral valvulopathy: bone marrow mobilization of endothelial progenitors

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