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Nanoplatelets Bridging a Nanotrench: A New Architecture for Photodetectors with Increased Sensitivity
Photoconduction in [Fe(Htrz)(2)(trz)](BF4)center dot H2O nanocrystals
Enhancing the Molecular Signature in Molecule-Nanoparticle Networks Via Inelastic Cotunneling
Heteronanojunctions with atomic size control using a lab-on-chip electrochemical approach with integrated microfluidics
Room temperature dry processing of patterned CVD graphene devices
Epitaxy of MgO magnetic tunnel barriers on epitaxial graphene
Resonance Raman Study of Spin-Crossover [Fe(Htrz)(2)(trz)](BF4)center dot H2O Particles Coated with Gold
High conductivity organic thin films for spintronics: the interface resistance bottleneck
Light-triggered self-construction of supramolecular organic nanowires as metallic interconnects

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