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Magnetoresistance signature of resonant states in electromigrated Ni nanocontacts
Voltage-controlled inversion of tunnel magnetoresistance in epitaxial nickel/graphene/MgO/cobalt junctions
The influence of molecular mobility on the properties of networks of gold nanoparticles and organic ligands
Magnetoconductance anisotropy of a polymer thin film at the onset of metallicity
Current crowding issues on nanoscale planar organic transistors for spintronic applications
Spin Transition in Arrays of Gold Nanoparticles and Spin Crossover Molecules
Nanotrench for nano and microparticle electrical interconnects
Co-tunneling Enhancement of the Electrical Response of Nanoparticle Networks
Conductivity in organic semiconductors hybridized with the vacuum field
Anisotropic Magneto-Coulomb Properties of 2D-0D Heterostructure Single Electron Device
Selective Nanotrench Filling by One-Pot Electroclick Self-Constructed Nanoparticle Films
0D/2D Heterostructures Vertical Single Electron Transistor

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